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Vacancy: Chair of Trustees

Speaking Truth to Power

SPARK newsletter winter 2020

Your money can help loosen the grip of poverty

Put your faith into actionmake a donation to Church Action on Poverty today.

Your gifts help to put gospel values of justice and compassion into practice. They ensure that the voices of people in poverty are heard. They help churches across the UK to speak truth to power about UK poverty.

Together, we can build a more powerful movement in the churches and beyond, to loosen the grip which poverty still has on too many people’s lives in our country.

Open your hand to the poor and needy neighbour.

(Deuteronomy 15:7–11)

We supported Jayne to be part of a Poverty Truth Commission and Self-Reliant Groups

“Church Action on Poverty helped me find direction and confidence. These days I feel of value, that my life and my words have meaning, and that I can be part of positive change.”

———— jayne


A challenge to the churches: listen to the cry of the poor


A challenge to the churches: listen to the cry of the poor

We are calling on the UK's churches to make a fresh commitment about poverty. Add your name to our message!
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23 february 2020

Church Action on Poverty Sunday

23 February 2020

Church Action on Poverty Sunday

Register to take part now! Resource packs for worship and fundraising will be available in November.
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Speaking Truth to Power

Speaking Truth to Power

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Our vision

We have a vision of a society that reflects gospel values of justice and compassion.
A society where everyone can live life in all its fullness.

Our values

Freedom… compassion… justice… speaking truth to power… trust… commitment…
Church Action on Poverty works to put gospel values into practice.

Making change happen

We work alongside people in poverty, churches, and others to tackle the root causes of poverty. Find out what we do – and how you can be part of the movement.