Church on the Margins: the reports

Read the findings from Church Action on Poverty’s research into what it means to be a church on the margins, and how churches can better prioritise marginalised communities. Two reports share different elements of the story:

What does it mean to be a church on the margins?

Based on in-depth conversations with people and congregations ‘on the margins’, this report documents frustrations with barriers around disability, literacy, class, language, leadership and power within mainstream churches.

The voices and stories shared are powerful and insightful. They combine faith and a desire for action.

Is the Church losing faith in low-income communities in Greater Manchester? 

  • Have low-income areas in the UK been disproportionally affected by the closure of church buildings over recent years?
  • If people in low-income areas are not engaging with church, we need to ask why. Are churches out of touch with the people and context of low-income areas?
  • This report outlines our quantitative research findings, based on in-depth statistical research, case studies and the wider denominational context.

It presents a challenge to church leaders and decision-makers in all the major denominations across the UK: Are our denominations retreating from low-income areas rather than adhering to the gospel priority to stand with, and alongside poor and marginalised communities?

Watch the media briefing

The Religion Media Centre hosted a briefing for the launch of the reports. We discussed some of the issues raised with church leaders, including Bishop David Walker of Manchester. Watch the full briefing below.

Church on the Margins reports

Church Action on Poverty North East annual report 2022-24

A sermon for Church Action on Poverty Sunday