Solidarity and sacrifice

Reflections from our 9 April online discussions on what it means to be church on the margins during the pandemic.

Opening reflection by Deirdre Brower Latz

The Church needs to change after Coronavirus

  • The church needs to be called to account and radically share its resources
  • Churches need to be transformed/reimagined/ authentic – not carry on as before
  • Some churches are not involved in the crisis response / how are affluent areas responding?
  • New collaborations and alliances should be maintained


  • Many people are not online, some churches have been delivering resources to people to keep in touch
  • Inequalities have been exposed
  • ‘God is showing us new things from the perspective of the last and the least.’
  • Lack of understanding among decision-makers
  • Helping at the uber local level
  • Chatting to people in the foodbank queue / checking in with people
  • Increase in volunteering / kindness
  • Communities are coming together


  • It’s an inconvenience for some, not a sacrifice
  • Giving up small foodbank, letting bigger one take over to make sure resources reach people
  • Being separated from people and the church building
  • Domestic violence / conflicts at home
  • Feeling / being powerless

Learning from others

  • What can we learn from people who were marginalised before? E.g. some people with autism do not like touch / prefer social distance. What can we learn from this?

Holy Week and Easter

  • Solidarity of Jesus / turning the tables
  • Foot washing / caring / nursing / healing / self-care
  • Receiving, not giving (is ok) – gratitude
  • Sadness and joy in Easter

Reaching people

  • Some people have no way of communicating at the moment, no phone or internet
  • Reaching people who are homeless ?


  • Importance of speaking to society / government about how people are being affected – people to speak out
  • Disability activism
  • Society has to change


  • Solidarity and sacrifice as counter- infections (fighting the virus)
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