Richest spend more on restaurants than poorest do on housing and energy bills

equalitytrust_logoThe richest 10% of households spend more on eating out (£58.40) than the poorest 10% of households spend on housing, fuel and power combined (£44.50). That’s one of the findings of new research published today by the Equality Trust.

The research also found:

  • The richest 10% spend £34.50 per week on furniture and furnishings, which is more than the weekly food shop of the poorest 10% (£30.40).
  • The richest 10% spend more on wine per week (£9) than the poorest 10% spend on their water bills (£7.30).
  • The richest 10% spends as much on alcohol and tobacco each week (£17.70) as the poorest 10% spends on their gas and electricity bills (£17.70).
  • The richest 10% spend more on their pets (£7.90) than a family in the poorest 10% spends on clothing and footwear (£6.30).
  • The poorest are often accused of spending money on expensive branded trainers, but the richest 10% spends more than 6 times (£8.20) the amount the poorest 10% do (£1.30) on footwear per week.

The figures throw into sharp relief the fact that poverty  is not due to people’s wasteful behaviour, and challenge the stereotypes promoted by politicians and the media.
It’s a reminder that we need to tackle the unfair Poverty Premium, as well as challenging the stigma attached to poverty.