#ChallengePoverty Week Book Launch

Heaton Moor United Church and Heald Green URC church-led event featured the book “Dignity, Agency, Power!"

The book “Dignity, Agency, Power!” is a collaboration between Church Action on Poverty and Wild Goose Publications.

Dignity Agency Power

At Heaton Moor on 19th October, the evening began with a meal cooked in a bag! This is a fabulous way of cooking, using residual heat and good insulation, will be especially useful now heat prices are increasing.

There was inspirational poetry from Rahela Kahn, one of the book’s contributors, and an entertaining rendition of the parable of Max and Dan, a story about the use of power based on Jesus’ saying to “walk another mile”.

People at Book Launch

Visitors from a local charity SMASH (School meals every holiday) told us about the amazing work they did too.


The following week, Heald Green URC church also shared readings from the book, including video presentations from people with experience of living in poverty. The group present decided to write to their MP about pre-payment energy metres. The people who buy their fuel this way are often the poorest, end up paying more for their energy, and are the last to get discounts and rebates.


People at Book Launch

This was followed by a writing workshop in which participants created their own thoughtful pieces based on the #ChallengePoverty week theme of Living not just existing; dignity for all.


People at Book Launch

Some of the pieces produced are also included in this

Thank you to Heaton Moor United Church and Heald Green URC church for giving us pause for thought about how we should #ChallengePoverty and work for dignity to all. 

Article written by Liz Delafield


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