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Church Action on Poverty is a national campaigning body, but also runs grassroots projects in local communities.

It’s time to close the gap between rich and poor

Church Action on Poverty helped me to create changes with my voice
Sarah, Salford

Growing numbers are going hungry, or trapped in poverty despite their best efforts. But people in poverty are usually blamed for their situation, or treated as powerless victims. Together, we can change that.

Together, we can help people exercise their own power

Our training and support empower people in poor communities to make their voices heard. Then churches and individuals across the UK amplify their voices, and call together for change.

A lone parent living on benefits in Salford, Sarah felt that she had little going for her. But a Church Action on Poverty ‘School of Participation’ helped Sarah to develop the skills and confidence to transform the rubbish-filled alley behind her street into a community garden, and become an active local leader.
Sarah is now trained to help others by running her own
Schools of Participation. When she worked with people experiencing fuel poverty, our supporters in churches helped ensure that the energy regulator Ofgem met with them and listened to their concerns.

Together, we can change perceptions of people in poverty

Labelled as scroungers and blamed for many of society’s problems, people on low incomes never get to tell the real stories of their resilience and the injustices they face. Together, we can give them a voice.

Together with Church Action on Poverty, Sarah has now helped former offenders, lone parents, people with disabilities, and others to tell their stories. They have been featured in the national media and challenged the stigma around poverty.

Together, we can build a more just society

Partnerships like this show how the world could be fairer – and genuinely tackle the root causes of poverty.

In the past year, we have worked together to ensure that every staff member in 4,700 Church of England schools will receive a Living Wage; that there is a cap on the extortionate interest rates charged by payday lenders; and that those lenders must repay millions of pounds lent irresponsibly to vulnerable people.

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