Self-Reliant Groups

Church Action on Poverty is helping people to build livelihoods by coming together in Self-Reliant Groups.

Self-Reliant Groups (SRGs) are a powerful way for people to build their own livelihoods and escape poverty. Church Action on Poverty is currently helping people set up SRGs in Greater Manchester.

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What is a Self-Reliant Group?

  • A group of friends who support each other and meet regularly.
  • A group that is independent of funders and doesn’t have to tick anyone else’s boxes.It makes its own decisions.
  • A group that shares skills and learns together.
  • A group that saves together (small,manageable amounts like £1 per week) and has the potential to become a business.

    How we support SRGs

    • Self-Reliant Groups quoteHelp to get started: We meet people to discuss their ideas, hopes and dreams – and the best way to get started. The groups run and grow themselves, but we walk with them on the journey while they need us.
    • Sharing and signposting: We provide a central point of reference for good ideas, learning and help with common questions raised by groups. We are a sounding board for their ideas, their worries and any barriers they face. A problem shared is a problem halved.
    • Links with other SRGs: We include all groups in our network of Self-Reliant Groups,so that each  can become part of the SRG movement, make contacts, share experiences, and encourage one another.
    • Inspiration from other groups: We work closely with WEvolution, a Scottish charity which has pioneered SRGs in the UK, and with Purple Shoots, a Welsh charity which sets up SRGs in the same way. Click the links below to see how SRGs have taken off in other areas and be inspired by their videos and stories.

    Interested in setting up an SRG? Download our guide below, or contact Joyce Kay to ask for more information.

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