Universal Credit: has it worked for you?

We’re a campaigning charity and we want to hear more about the impact Universal Credit is having on people.
Universal Credit is being rolled out but there are widespread reports of problems.
If you are reading this, you may know that for yourself.
At Church Action on Poverty, we are deeply concerned by the reports from charities, food bank volunteers and others about the problems related to Universal Credit, such as delays in payments, lower payments than people expected.
We have a long history of constructive and effective campaigning, helping to improve policies and to help people who are in poverty who are at risk of poverty. But to do that, we need to build up a stronger body of evidence from people who are directly affected.
If you are receiving Universal Credit, we would like to hear about your experiences – has the system worked for you? If not, what went wrong and what has that meant for you and your household finances?
True stories make a difference. If you want to speak to us but don’t want us to use your name, that is absolutely fine. You can email us on gavin@church-poverty.org.uk or send us a message on facebook

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