‘Life on the Breadline’ announces their End of Project Conference, 24-25th June 2021

Our partners at the ‘Life on the Breadline: Christianity, Poverty and Politics in the 21st Century City’ project at Coventry University invite you to share their research at their End of Project Conference.

Image produced by Beth Waters for Life on the Breadline

24–25 June 2021 10:00am to 4:15pm UK time

A two-day online conference from the Life on the Breadline project team as the culmination of three years of research into Christian responses to UK poverty in the context of austerity.

The conference will combine sessions with presentations and Q&A, and interactive workshops.  Sessions at the conference will include presentations from the Life on the Breadline project team – Chris Shannahan, Robert Beckford, Peter Scott and Stephanie Denning – on the research findings, plus interactive workshops on researching poverty, asset-based community development, and Black Church responses to austerity, and guest speakers Dr Naomi Maynard (Together Liverpool) and Professor Anthony Reddie (University of Oxford and University of South Africa).  At the conference we will also be launching the Anti-Poverty Charter which is being developed in consultation with research participants in the Life on the Breadline research.

The anticipated audience for the conference is theology and social science academics, church leaders, and practitioners in church and poverty response settings. The majority of sessions are aimed at all three audiences, and the target audience is noted alongside each session in the provisional conference programme.

To find out more including the provisional conference programme, and to book your free place visit the Life on the Breadline website at https://breadlineresearch.coventry.ac.uk/events/end-of-project-conference/

Day 1 - 24th June 2021

Day 2 - 25th June 2021

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