Leaving a gift in your will

The most thoughtful gift you may ever give...

For 40 years, Church Action on Poverty has spoken truth to power, and worked alongside people on the margins of society to loosen the grip of poverty on their lives.

We have challenged the unjust treatment of people seeking sanctuary, tackled irresponsible lending practices, and given thousands of poor and marginalised people the confidence and opportunity to influence decisions which affect their communities. We have influenced government policies on Universal Credit, holiday hunger, the Minimum Wage and financial inclusion, and made sure the voices of people in poverty are heard at Westminster. Together, we have loosened the grip of poverty for hundreds of thousands across the UK.

Imagine how much more we could do over the next 10 or even 50 years in partnership with you, local churches and communities. As more people are swept into poverty, our work remains vital. We need to carry on speaking out for justice for future generations.

One of the ways you can be part of this is by making a thoughtful gift in your will. An act of kindness today… which will make a real difference to those who face exclusion and poverty in the future.

Let us know

On the right, you can download a factsheet which tells you everything you need to know about setting up a legacy.

If you have made, or are considering leaving, a gift in your will, and are happy to tell us about it, please let us know by completing the online form below. This information will help us plan for the future, and will give us an opportunity to say “Thank you”.  

By including Church Action on Poverty in my will, I can continue supporting its outstanding work beyond my own lifetime.

———— Helen Hood, supporter

Find out more - download our factsheet

Can you give in other ways?

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