Food Power Toolkit

'Telling Stories and Shaping Solutions' is a toolkit for empowering people who have lived experience of food poverty, developed by our Food Power programme.

“I got involved because I’ve lived it and I wanted to speak out for those who can’t. The toolkit is there to make sure those working with people who might be
experiencing poverty have the right support in place, things that organisations might not necessarily think about.

“We’ve done the pitfalls and know what works and doesn’t work, with the toolkit we can share this learning. I hope it achieves more clarity and makes organisations think before they start working with people at the grassroots.

“For me I’d never done anything like this before, I’ve now something I’ve co-produced that has my name in it, it’s a massive boost. It’s made me think I can do more stuff that I never thought I could do, it’s helped me build a large network of friends and support in the process.”

Penny Walters, Food Nation

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