Church Action on Poverty Sunday takes place on the last Sunday before Lent each year.
In 2020, it will be on 23 February.

On Church Action on Poverty Sunday, churches around the UK raise funds to help loosen the grip of poverty. They organise services, take collections, and hold soup lunches.

Be part of it in 2020

If you subscribe to Church Action on Poverty email updates, we’ll let you know as soon as resources are available for Church Action on Poverty Sunday 2020.

Then you can order a resource pack, and start planning your fundraising and worship for the day.

I thought Church Action on Poverty Sunday was ‘a nice thing to do’ for years. Then I lost my nice middle-class job and slid into poverty, mental chaos, homelessness. Please, please work hard to bring hope back to us again, in the name of Jesus, friend of the poor.

———— John, supporter of Church Action on Poverty

Give to loosen the grip of poverty

Not able to organise a service or soup lunch? You can still make a difference by donating your own money.