Living Wage Church

We call on all churches in England and Wales to pay a real Living Wage: at least £12 an hour, or £13.15 an hour in London.

It is higher than the Government’s so-called ‘National Living Wage’, which is £9.50 an hour, or substantially less for people aged under 23. The Real Living Wage takes into account top-up benefits and credits – which are often not enough to keep people out of poverty.

Make sure your church is paying the real Living Wage

All the UK’s major denominations have pledged to support the Real Living Wage. You can help make sure that your local church is meeting this commitment.

The Living Wage is uprated each autumn by the Living Wage Foundation. Sign up below, and we will email you each time the rate goes up, so that you can make sure your church updates its salaries.

Gospel values demand that churches provide decent pay and work with dignity

Our briefing for churches will help you to explain the background to the real Living Wage – and why it is so important that churches lead the way as Living Wage employers.

Two of the most distinctive things Christians believe are that God has become flesh, and that God is in relationship. And at the heart of the Living Wage campaign are these two insights.

———— Canon Dr Angus Ritchie, Executive Director of the Centre for Theology and Community