Church Action on Poverty North East: achievements

We have been active since 1983 in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham. Here are some of the ways we’ve helped people in the region to escape the trap of poverty:

2005–07 Images for Change (pictured)

Five riverside communities used photography to tell their stories of ‘regeneration’ and present their agenda for a ‘good community’ or better life.

2008–11 Barriers to Employment

Young people from local communities used peer research to demonstrate barriers to employment.

2009 Pilgrimage Against Poverty (pictured)

We marked the 10th anniversary of the national Pilgrimage with a local event.

2009–11 Engage for Change

Walker community tackled conflict with help from the Quakers.

2010–11 MP Accountability Network

Groups met regularly with MPs in Wansbeck and Hexham, holding them to account for commitments about poverty and injustice.

2015 Journey to Justice

Learning lessons from Martin Luther King for social change.

2018 United Nations Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty

We supported people from Meadow Well when they gave evidence to the UN rapporteur at the Cedarwood Trust