Switch off tax dodging

Update: This campaign has now finished, and it reached over 50,000 people - click here to read a full report.

The facts: Facebook’s missing tax

Facebook Tax Dodger

Whilst media analysts estimated that Facebook earned £175 million in advertising sales in the UK in 2011, they paid just £196,000 in UK tax. In fact, each of their 90 UK-based staff received more in pay – an average of £275,000 each – than the Treasury received in tax.It achieved this by declaring most of its UK sales in Ireland – where tax rates are much lower.

Tax dodging costs the UK over £35 billion each year – more than the amount being cut from  public spending. Every pound that corporations dodge is a pound less for hospitals, schools and other vital services. The effect is being felt across our communities.

The action: Join the ‘Facebook Switch-off’ on 1 December

  1. Set your status so your friends know you’re involved - perhaps on Friday evening.
  2. You could also give Facebook your feedback on its tax dodging.
  3. Take the day off Facebook.

It’s as simple as that! You could also post the ‘share image’ to groups, pages or friends; or use Twitter to tell people; or email your friends a link to this page. Click the links below to take action now!

The solution: Beyond Facebook…

This action is part of our wider campaign to Close the Gap between rich and poor. We're calling for changes in the law to ensure Fair Taxes, so that wealthy companies pay their share. Use the links below to find out more. You can get involved yourself by emailing your MP to demand action. Or make a donation to support our work.

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