the blame game must stop

I don’t feel like a person any more...
The poor are not listened to...

I feel as if my life is public property...
At the benefits office, they talk to you like you are a piece of dirt...

Every day, people who are struggling to make ends meet are demonised and blamed for their poverty. Politicians and the media use abusive language and images. Scroungers. Skivers. Chavs. Underclass.

This language is used to fuel mistrust by contrasting supposed ‘strivers’ with ‘skivers’. It is used to justify cuts to our safety net, which will drive hundreds of thousands of people further into poverty. It dehumanises and degrades people who are already struggling to survive. It blames them for an economic crisis which is not of their making. It is deeply unjust.

If you oppress the poor, you offend the one who made them.
(Proverbs 14:31)

Christians believe that every person is made in the image of God, and has value. We are called to speak out when people are marginalised, excluded and stigmatised.

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