Tour de Food: charity cycle ride tours Sheffield's food banks

There are at least 16 food banks in Sheffield. Sheffield FridayNightRide, a regular CycleSheffield event, is staging a charity bike ride on the evening of Friday 14 March to the nine of them that publicise their activities and their whereabouts. As an act of charity each rider will carry nine items of food and symbolically donate one item at each food bank.

The ride has approximate timings for each stage between the food banks so riders can join in for all or some of the ride and people on the route can come out, encourage the riders on and donate food as the riders pass by.

Volunteers from the food banks will give up time to meet the riders and accept their donations when they arrive.

The ride is just over 20 miles of cycling starting at Park Square then there are two tough climbs, one up to Parsons Cross and the second one up to Low Edges, at opposite ends of the city so this charity ride will require fortitude and sacrifice and the riders will be the ones giving, not just their friends, family or colleagues.  The ride even has its own 'prayer', The Our Fodder, which wishes that food banks did not exist.

Mick Nott, who is organising the ride with the help of the food banks, says, "You've heard of the TdF, the Tour de France, well this is another TdF, the Tour de Food.  Many of us nightriders are appalled that foodbanks need to exist in this day and age in such a wealthy country as ours.  Cyclists have a record of cycling for charity, and this may not be cycling London to Paris, or Lands End to John O’Groats, but it is charitably giving up a Friday evening to acknowledge, appreciate, and publicise the work of food banks in our home city.

"The food banks have been very supportive so we hope this ride gets more people donating to the food banks, knowing where the food banks are, or really thinking about why some people cannot afford to buy food. Anybody is welcome to join in the ride or just come out as we pass by and give us food for the next food bank. As our motto says. 'We have nothing to lose but our chains'"

All details of the ride including the route and the timings are on or email Mick on

The food banks' details can be found at

Our fodder - a secular prayer for donors to food banks

This, our fodder
we bring to thee
with our good hope and best wishes.

Please take these gifts
in a spirit of humanity and compassion.

We believe that no-one
should suffer neglect and hunger
in a fair and just society


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