Compassion in Crisis

Church Action on Poverty's 2018 research into cuts to Local Welfare Assistance Schemes in England.

Communities unite to say: Act now to end UK hunger

Second Class Citizens – powerful new book about disability and austerity

Church Action on Poverty in Sheffield’s 11th annual Pilgrimage

Scripture from the Margins

Coming soon in 2019: Untold Stories, a new series of Bible studies on Matthew’s Gospel. 

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Or read on for details of Dangerous Stories, our Bible study materials published in 2018:


Dangerous Stories

The Bible shows us again and again that God is on the side of the poor and the oppressed. People on the margins.

Lost things

But too often, when we read scripture in our churches, we focus on other aspects of the story, or we are so familiar with the text that we don’t notice the challenging things it has to say to us.

Jesus’ parables are one of the best examples of this problem. When we read and think about the parables, we almost always look for allegorical, spiritual meanings.

But the parables are actually very earthly stories – and if we try to put ourselves in the place of their original audience, we discover very different messages in them.

These five Bible studies will challenge you to get alongside the people who are on the margins of our own society – and to speak out for justice.  They will show you how the parables are subversive, dangerous stories.

We have also produced a bookmark for your Bible, with questions to help you find perspectives from the margins whenever you are reading scripture.

I wanted to thank you for putting together such an excellent course – accessible, opinionated, challenging, affirming and easy to lead and to build on.

So many courses are dull and simplistic – yours opened up new vistas. There was never a sense of being forced into a right answer or finding an easy solution. It was a complex course for complex times and a complex faith.

Revd Richard Lamey, Rector of St Paul at Wokingham in the Diocese of Oxford

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Step Up to the Plate

Our 2018 report outlining what the Government needs to do to establish a clear food and poverty strategy for the UK. Produced jointly with the University of Sheffield.

The shifts we need from Government

  • Measure the problem
  • Ensure everyone can access food
  • Appoint a minister
  • Listen to people with experience
  • Step up and lead all stakeholders

Dangerous Stories -‘a complex course for complex times and a complex faith’

Transforming poverty through the silver screen

Transforming Poverty

Extra resources for Church Action on Poverty Sunday: thoughts on the rich young man

Voices from the Margins logo no straplineWe usually read Jesus’ interaction with the rich young man in Mark’s Gospel as being addressed to one person with wealth. Sue Richardson from Christian Aid suggests it could be interpreted as an invitation to the whole church, following Pope Francis’ appeal for “a poor church, of the poor”. This reflection includes questions for groups to explore the idea – why not use it on Church Action on Poverty Sunday?
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