Parties urged to adopt policies for a more equal society

A thinktank has produced reports targeting each of the major political parties, proposing policies that they should adopt to tackle inequality in the UK.
Parties urged to adopt policies for a more equal society

OneSociety and Church Action on Poverty are both calling for policies that would reduce inequality

The campaigning group OneSociety worked with the thinktank Demos to produce the reports. They argue that closing the gap between the richest and the poorest in the UK is an equal problem for all three parties, but that each party's tradition calls for a radically different approach. 

Many of the policies are similar to those Church Action on Poverty is already calling for through our Close the Gap campaign.

In Society of Equals, they  recommend that Labour:

  • scrap non-domiciled status to ensure everyone living in the UK pays tax here
  • open up school catchment areas to ensure fair admissions by ending selection by house price
  • diversify company ownership models starting by re-mutualising Northern Rock
  • limit individual donations to political parties to protect democracy from being bought
  • replace Inheritance Tax with a Gift Tax.

Wealth of Opportunity recommends that the Liberal Democrats:

  • introduce a Living Wage to tackle working poverty
  • replace the Child Trust Fund with a ��500 Birth Grant for low-income families
  • introduce a ���Life Premium��� for disadvantaged children that will follow them through early years and parenting support as well as compulsory education
  • replace Inheritance Tax with a Gift Tax
  • encourage home-ownership by expanding the Saving Gateway
  • introduce Land Value Tax on property and a Tobin Tax on financial transactions.

Everyday Equality recommends that the Conservatives:

  • reject Thatcherite apologies for increased inequality
  • embrace tackling inequality as a vital ingredient for reaching other Conservative goals like a big society
  • lower the wage ratio between the highest and lowest paid public sector workers
  • reintroduce Wage Councils to tackle embedded wage inequality in particular areas.


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