a Fair Say

This underlies all the other problems...

The problems facing inner-city communities do not result from a lack of effective solutions, but from a lack of power to implement these solutions.
Barack Obama

Big business exercises too much power

Statistics show that the lowest earners are also the least likely to participate in elections, politics and civic life in general. People in disadvantaged communities often get very little say in what happens in their area.

Local communities have little or no say in decisions that affect them

Even when regeneration initiatives take place, local people are often not consulted.

The real ‘poor’ in a relatively prosperous Western society are those without sufficient means to take part in the life of the community. This means they cannot participate in the formation of public policies that might protect them from the adverse consequences of market forces. By poverty they are excluded from the community, and they are denied the rights of membership. Their choices are circumscribed; they have little personal freedom.
The Common Good and the Catholic Church’s Social Teaching

We can Close the Power Gap

  • Local people and groups from poorer communities must have a stronger voice.
    See 'What we do' to learn more about how Church Action on Poverty works in communities to help people exercise power and make their voices heard.
  • Through this work and our network of campaigners, we challenge the unfair power that businesses and lobbyists have over public decisions.
    The unique strength of Church Action on Poverty is our ability to connect grassroots people who have experience of the issues, and passionate campaigners across the UK who want to speak out.
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